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Five Miles High & Loving It

Contrary to what some people believe, being a risk taker is more of a personality than a behaviour. For instance, sleeping with strangers present certain risks, but still a lot of people do it for the thrill and sexual satisfaction. According to Psychology Today, risk takers have this trait known as “sensation-seeking”. It describes a person’s quest for complex and intense encounters or sensation, and the desire to do such things despite the risks. Generally, this involves physical action, such as playing extreme sports, having kinky sex, or having Sydney liaisons.

Five Miles High & Loving It

Having sex with strangers, more so while five miles high, are enjoyed and loved by all risqué out there. But believe it or not, there is a scientific explanation for this deportment. The plane’s vibrations and the environment’s low oxygen levels can make people horny. In addition, it is said that these conditions can deliver really intense orgasms. Luckily for those who are afraid of flying, they can now enjoy it with sex. Studies show that sex is the best way of curing one’s fear of flying.

According to Daily Mail Online, people suffering from chronic stress are the ones who are likely to have a fear of flying. This is partly due to the post-traumatic stress, which becomes active when there’s turbulence. Thanks to oxytocin, their anxiety will be better managed. Oxytocin is a happy hormone that is released when we are having sex. This hormone floods the brain’s amygdala, which is the area that controls our fear.

Aside from the therapeutic relief brought by sex, risk takers do it in airplanes because of the thrill and sexual satisfaction. In fact, these people are referred to as members of the Mile High Club.

Mile High Club

Mile High Club is a slang term that pertains to a group of individuals who had done it five miles high & loving it. For some people, the risk of getting caught while in the middle of their business is quite appealing. As a matter of fact, there are celebrities who joined the Mile High Club. The list includes Cara Delavigne, Kim Kardashian, John Travolta and Miranda Kerr.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Mile High Club is a bucket list favourite among naughty people. Surprisingly, there are airlines that allow passengers to have the mile-high experience. In Ohio, Flamingo Air is the only full-time flight service that caters to mile high passengers. Love Cloud, an airline company based in Las Vegas, also offer the same service for Europeans and Australians.

Women Aviators: The Highest Inspirations

You will not be finding any shortage of female aviators any time soon as the profession has become relatively popular to both men and women alike. In fact, some of the famous female aviators in history are women. Let us look at famous female aviators throughout the history.

Harriet Quimby became the first female licensed pilot in the United States in 1911. She is known to have made several memorable exhibition flights, including a moonlit night flight over Staten Island, New York. She became the first woman to fly solo across the English channel.

The Stinson sisters, Katherine and Marjorie are one of the first women in United States to earn pilot licenses. Katherine thrilled spectators in this country and in Japan and China with aerobatic stunts and earn the title of flying schoolgirl. She was the first female pilot commissioned to fly U.S. mail as well as the first woman to perform a loop-de-loop.

Sabiha Gokcen was the first women in the world to fly a plane in a combat role as well as the first Turkish woman to earn a pilot license. Turk Kusu, a Turkish Civilian Aviation School, was where learned to fly a plane and received further advanced training in Russia which led to her flying bombers for the Eskisehir First Aircraft.

One of the most famous pilots of all time, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean as a passenger. Among her accomplishments included setting a record as the first woman to fly across North America as well as the first woman to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic.

Bessie Coleman has also made quite a name for herself in the field of aviation. She earned the first International Pilot’s License issued to an African-American woman becoming one a pioneer of women in the field of aviation as a result. Coleman specialized in stunt flying and parachuting, earning a living barnstorming and performing aerial tricks. She remains a pioneer of women in the field of aviation.

Female aviators have also been highlighted in several competitions. For instance, in the 1937 Bendix race, Jacqueline Cochran was the sole female competitor which she won the following year receiving the Bendix Trophy in the process. She held more speed, distance, and altitude records than any other flyer during her career. In 1964 she flew an aircraft faster than any woman had before.

Aviation has indeed received its fair share of female aviators over the course of history. Even today you will often find a huge number of women aviators who practice their profession on a regular day to day basis. As such more and more women are drawn to this profession especially with the exhilarating experience that it provides to them.

You will not be finding any shortage of aviation schools in the present many of them have integrated their services over the internet for easy access and reach. Everyone is welcome to join the field of aviation as long as they have the passion and dedication to learn and put their knowledge and skills into practice. Aviation does not necessarily mean flying an airplane as there are different means of flying such as paragliding which has grown in popularity over the past few years. Consider enrolling to an aviation school today.

Green Groups Take to the Blue Skies

The aviation industry is often derided as heavy polluters by the environmentally friendly community, but what can be more eco-conscious than gliding through the air without an engine?

Paragliding has indeed received its fair share of the spotlight over the years making quite a fun and worthwhile activity that can be enjoyed by groups. You will be able to see green groups such as ACM who have taken their movement up into the sky allowing for a more broader and expansive reach in the community. The paragliding activity also brings to the table a slew of health benefits making them a very much welcomed activity for today.

One of the highlights of paragliding includes fresh air, sunlight, exposure to sunlight and the outdoor in general which helps contribute in boosting one’s immune system in the process. Paragliding also provides an exhilarating activity with the adrenaline rush that it delivers. As such, people feel energetic and excited before and after their paragliding event. This becomes even more exciting when you do it with people who support the same cause with regards to the preservation of the ecosystem as you can discuss with them your love for nature.

Another noteworthy feature paragliding offers are the breathtaking sights paragliders will be able to enjoy. The experience is indeed very different when compared to viewing the skies when riding a plane. With paragliding, people are given more control of the direction they are going with their flight allowing them to enjoy the sights as long as they want. The freedom paragliding gives to people is indeed empowering giving them a huge boost in confidence that they need. This along with the calories that are burned in a paragliding session makes it a great activity all in all.

Eco groups often choose paragliding as one of their events because of how eco friendly the activity is. This compared to riding an airplane which produces a variety of toxic pollutants. The activity is also considered to be safe as long it is under the supervision of a professional and is equipped with the proper gear. It is relatively cheap and inexpensive making them very much accessible to a huge number of individuals all over the world. This is the reason why you will be able to find a number eco green groups who have their focus on paragliding.

Eco green groups will not be able to completely halt airplane activity any time soon but with that being said, they are able to raise the much needed awareness with regards to aviation and air pollution. More and more individuals are joining eco green groups especially today where they have become even more accessible with the power and reach of the social media. Social media has indeed contributed to the success of several eco groups who have amassed quite a following both offline and online users. Some of them have even started and organized events over the social media. Consider paragliding as one of the eco group activities you may want to join today.

Outdoor Business Management

outdoor business employee share scheme

Outdoor businesses come in different dimensions. Some businesses offer their goods and services in an outdoor setting. With the right outdoor business, you can be sure of making maximum profits and ensuring that your business flourishes as expected. The business opportunities managed in an outdoor setting include the adventure sports or travel. You can make use of the employee share scheme if your work in an outdoor services business.

What is an employee share scheme?

This is a plan that allows the employees to purchase shares in the business they work for. Also, it is simply an opportunity to purchase shares in the company that you work. The share purchase schemes provides the qualified employees the opportunity to buy shares. In some situations, this can be done via a loan offered by the employer. If you are eligible for the scheme, you can purchase the shares of the outdoor business you work in. You can then pay the shares via a deduction from your salary in a specified time period. The shares can also be paid with the dividends you receive.

Benefits of the employee share scheme

This scheme is a great way of motivating, attracting, and retaining the staff members or every other employee that is eligible. They help to align the interest of the employees with the interest of the shareholders. Suppose the company performs perfectly in the market, the employees will benefit a lot. Any eligible employee can purchase the shares, thanks to flexible payment options. The scheme also comes with tax benefits, which will be determined by the financial status of the user.

Handling the succession planning of the business

With your outdoor business, you will need to manage it with professionalism to make it successful. If you already have it going, and you want to hand it over to a different person, you will need to have succession planning. Any business needs professionalism and advance planning if you want things to turn out successful. Succession planning is the process of identifying the suitable candidate who will replace you as you exit as the manager or owner of a business.

Why engage in an outdoor business?

Most of the businesses are run indoors. With the unique businesses that are run in an outdoor setting, they tend to have a special impact. As you provide the adventure activities, you will have more clients in the outdoor setting. This is because the outdoor has a large space that accommodate a lot of people at once. You might not be needed to construct a place that the customers will occupy. Many people also tend to travel a lot, which is a part of recreation. This means that you will have more customers seeking your services.

When you finally decide that you want to hand over the leadership or ownership of your outdoor business, you will need to plan ahead of time. You can sell the business to one of the employees via the employee share schemes, but you must ensure that you sell it to the right person to carry the business forward. This helps you to prevent the business from failing due to poor management and leadership.

What options do corporate entertainment agencies offer for your event?

corporate entertainment agency

Players in the corporate entertainment business sector have made it possible for companies to choose from a wide array of options suited for different clients. Due to the sheer diversity of corporate events in the market, it becomes extremely important for agencies to provide different entertainment options for their clients. this is especially important because, While the word ‘event’ is synonymous with hip music and fun, the addition of the word ‘corporate’ before it somewhat denotes a certain degree of business-mindedness.

The truth of the matter, however, is that corporate events are just as fun, if well planned. In addition to this, corporate events can also be used to provide a platform to enhance the company’s values while effectively dealing with the rigidity of structured board room meetings. Getting a reliable agency to do the ground work goes a long way in pulling off a successful event. With this in mind, it is important to consider some of the options available.

What entertainment options suit your company best?

Since corporate events are reflective of your company’s brand, it becomes extremely important to select a form of entertainment that is befitting. There are a number of factors that influence your choice entertainment. The first, and perhaps the most obvious guiding factor is the type of audience in attendance.

If you intend to invite families over, then it certainly helps to have entertainment that is suited for both kids and adults. For the adults, you could incorporate live music and DJ mixes, while the kids enjoy kids’ music and a section for fun activities such as bouncing castles and face painting.

If the corporate event is targeted at the youth, hip artists, laser lights and an LED packed show is the perfect solution. What about trade exhibitions where stakeholders and clients make up the majority of the audience? In this case, the use of robots and presentations will go a long way in making the event a huge success. For an eclectic and mixed audience, you cannot go wrong with prominent acts and artists whose value auger well with your company’s vision.

Why is it important to get unique entertainment from your choice agency?

While the entertainment options availed by agencies are pretty much similar across the board, an agency worth its salt will work hard to create custom entertainment suited for your company. Developing unique entertainment is a strategic tool to create a lasting impression on your audience. As a general guide, avoid settling for generic entertainment as this is quickly forgotten, and does no good for the longevity of your brand.

Choosing the right agency for the right entertainment options during your event

During your search for the ideal corporate entertainment agency, the best place to do so is online. This gives you a glimpse into the company’s portfolio as well as feedback from the various clients. This way, you have a clear understanding of what to expect. It also helps to attend any of the agency’s events, just to get a real feel of the agency’s performance on the ground.

Corporate entertainment has grown to unprecedented heights in the recent past, and with it, an increase in the number of agencies. This makes it even more important to choose the right company. With the different entertainment options, go scouting for an agency that will both meet your needs as well as remain within the limits of your budget.

What you need to know when choosing a travel agency

airport transfers

The tourism sector continues to grow worldwide, with many more people making the choice to travel to different destinations. One of the key factors for travelers making plans to tour the world is selecting a travel agency. A travel agency is able to furnish you with important information about your travel plans, ranging from your flight information to your accommodation, airport transfers and transport services as well as key destinations and an array of outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your stay. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a travel agency ahead of your vacation.

Do you need an agency that offers specialized services?

Apart from generic travel agencies that offer the aforementioned services, it has become increasingly common for travelers to use specialty agencies. Just as the name suggests, these agencies choose a particular niche and focus solely on that. For instance, some agencies specialize in desert safaris alone, while others may choose to sell cruise services only. Other examples of services offered by specialty agencies include couples’ travel, golf trips, skiing adventures and safari in the wild among others. If you would like to choose a specific niche in the travel industry, look out for specialty travel agencies.

How big is that travel agency?

There are two schools of thought to this factor: those who opt for small travel agencies (usually less than 50, and in some cases, a family that has just ventured into the industry) and those who choose renowned travel agencies. In the tourism industry, bigger does not always equate better. Granted, bigger travel agencies are better placed to negotiate for travel services in bulk, but this is not always the case.

Smaller travel agencies have the advantage of offering more personalized services, therefore creating a rapport with the clients. Quite a number of travelers attest to the friendliness of smaller travel agencies, and this gives validity to both schools of thought. In addition, there is always the possibility of small agencies belonging to a conglomerate that equips the former with purchasing power so that even small travel agencies have a level platform with mega companies.

What is the travel agency’s reputation like?

At the core of choosing a travel agency is the need to find out what other clients think of the company. What do the visitors who have used the agency’s service have to say about the quality of outdoor activities? Are the airport transfers timely, and the staff professional? An effective way to do this is to check the agency’s client base and read through their reviews. If you are up to the trip of a lifetime, and do not want to take any chances, get the clients’ contacts and find out what their experience was like. You might be amazed to learn a thing or two.

Travel agencies can make or break your trip, so it makes sense to choose wisely. If you need to take a specialized travel plan, look out for specialized agencies. This is important because these agencies have carved out a niche for themselves in the respective fields, making them better suited for you. An agency’s size is key, but your choice should be influenced by the quality of services, which is why you should also look out for the company’s reputation.

Corporate Fitness Programs – Inexpensive Way to Boost Productivity and Promote Wellness

Experts say that “sitting for hours can shave years off life”. Sitting down, which most of us do for at least eight hours each day, might be the worst thing we do for our health all day. In contemporary societies, we sit not only to pursue most of our serious purposes in life, but also to enjoy majority of our diversions and recreations. In fact, sedentarism (sedentary lifestyle) is the new disease that is killing us all.

Benefits of including fitness programs in your lifestyle

There is no doubt that a regular exercise routine is a key to good health. Exercise kick-starts your metabolism, improves healthy functioning of all organs and promotes physical as well as mental wellness. It re-invigorates you body and mind, and keeps diseases at bay.

outdoor fitness programs

women doing outdoor fitness programs.

Fitness requires time and effort; therefore it is hard for many people to get started. Moreover, many people get bored with the monotonous activities of the gym, and get sidetracked from their goals. Joining an outdoor fitness program is a great way to incorporate some sort of regular physical activity in your lifestyle without getting bored or side tracked. It gives you all the benefits of exercise but in a fun and exciting way. Also known as green exercise, outdoor programs have distinct and measurable benefits over boring gym routine. It not just promotes physical health benefits, but is also proven to improve mood and self-esteem.

Corporate fitness programs

Regular exercise can help you live longer and may reduce your risks for a host of diseases. However, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle where most of us are stuck with 9-to-5 jobs, integrating fitness in the workplace is the ideal way to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, it becomes essential to incorporate fitness at the corporate level. Corporate fitness plans offer a perfect way to boost productivity, improve employee morale and reduce health care cost, while keeping employees happy.


According to a survey done by Australian bureau of statistics, absenteeism costs employers billions of dollars every year. The goal of these wellness programs is to provide the individual employee with an awareness of their current physical condition, and a tailor-made plan to make necessary changes in their lifestyle.
Regular physical activity reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promotes healthy digestion, boosts immune mechanism and enhances respiratory health. It offers a great way to improve the health and well being of employees. Having the opportunity to practice yoga or indulge in some weekly corporate fitness program not just provides potential health benefits but also serves as a motivation and encouragement. Outdoor fitness programs for employees help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, which in turn increase morale and productivity. Once the performance of employees increases as a result of their enhanced vitality, so will the profits of the company.

The worldwide decline in physical activity is almost certainly a part of the corresponding increase in disease. Corporate fitness programs is an inexpensive way to motivate employees to establish goals and strategies to encourage exercise and physical activity.

Is Paragliding the Most Eco-Friendly Aeronautical Activity?

No engine, no poisonous fumes, just the clean air beneath you as you glide upon the winds. Is paragliding the most eco-friendly aeronautical activity? Pretty much yes! It is the monkey sprouting wings and learning to fly. Humans in the air gliding upon air lifts. Sitting in a harness and by the use of air vents, paragliding pilots can sustain flights of hundreds of kilometres and for several hours. Images of paragliders above picturesque bays with glinting sunlit ocean and the bluest skies can inspire even the most desk bound human being.

I remember picking up a hitchhiker on Stanley River Road, near Maleny in the Blackall Ranges on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland, and his backpack turned out to be a folded up paraglider. This very fit looking Israeli chap had leapt off a bluff about fifty kilometres away and had paraglided through and over the range to land somewhere close to where I picked him up. This was his normal modus operandi to then hitchhike back to where his car was parked. I thought, what a wonderful way to spend your weekends, soaring above the clouds and watching nature below you, as you whizzed through the air.

So clearly paragliding is the most eco-friendly air sport and it is total rubbish to say otherwise. Hang gliders would probably include themselves in this equation as well. All engineless flighters would probably say the same: “We fly like birds, bats and sugar gliders; we do not harm the skies. We leave no residue of fossil fuels polluting the purity of the air. We fly with the wind’s permission and only then.” Perhaps, they can all meet for a social drink at the Paragliding Club Bar, to swap stories of adventures held up on the wind’s currents and swooping down on vistas so rich to the human eye. Sipping cocktails called “Near Misses” inspired by the buzz of dancing with death and still getting to go home alive.

Surprisingly few paragliders die, statistically speaking, with only around two of every ten thousand pilots being fatally injured a year. I suppose the traffic up there is nowhere near as bad as down here on our roads; perhaps more of us should take to the skies. Of course, anything dependent upon the weather can be dangerous and not entirely reliable. But for the thrill of all that clean air; nothing much can beat it.


Death Stalks the Mile High Club in the Paragliding Scene

When eagles lock talons and fall hundreds of metres at great speeds, it is a courtship ritual, not the act of mating. This exhilarating pre-sex activity must set the scene for some fairly robust bonking to follow; although the natural world isn’t renowned for its bonking. Human beings, with their big brains, get much more into creative and kinky copulating. From restraining partners with ropes and handcuffs, to dripping hot wax onto skin, to exploring every available orifice, to doing it for hours in tantric sex, homosapiens seem to do it better.

What about the thrill seekers who wish to emulate the eagle and combine paragliding with coitus. Does the thrill of flying arouse in you the primal urge to penetrate or be penetrated? Do you harden up, or get really wet, when contemplating fast moving scenery hundreds of metres below? Are you a bird or a plane? Because even Superman was pretty gentle with Lois Lane you know. Soaring above the clouds with your wings stretched out, as you ride those thermal updraughts with your hand on your thing. Your beloved’s bottom slightly below you, cheeks opening, and you check your flaps and landing gear for entry. What stuff of dreams and madness, this reckless scenario?

I am reminded of the shall-remain-nameless billionaire who used to take Canberra escorts paragliding. His Rolls Royce would crest the hill and upon reaching its peak, it would park, and his man servant would set up base camp. Our billionaire would ply his beautiful escort with Champagne and cocaine, as they perused the stupendous view. He would undress her and caress her naked form, paying special attention to her erogenous folds and crevices. She would have no idea about what was to unfold, as she laughed gaily with our debonair cad.

Suddenly she would be lifted into harness and he above her and together they would be launched from the top of the mountain with the aid of the man servant. Catching those updraughts their paraglider would be suspended above the landscape hundred of metres below. The coke and the bubbles from the Champers would prevent the fear from choking her; and our billionaire would manoeuvre himself into place, ready to plunge in. The blue sky all around, the hurtling speed, and the touch of her moist skin on his skin contrasting the enormity of what was occurring outside. Landing was another matter and often presented a narrow escape from death; sometimes his passenger didn’t make it. Reported as a dreadful accident, of course; because death stalks the mile high club in the paragliding scene.


Getting A Commercial Lawyer for Your Business to Handle your Legal Concerns

travel business

Building a travel business online or even offline needs enough knowledge for travel and the way of selling a travel product including the right place where the different kind of clients wanted to go. There, you may encounter an adventurer that loves peeks and unique places. The nature lover would want beaches and plains. Travel business is an open business that anyone could have. There are business development and marketing tools offered online and the accessibility to your own web tool.It is a kind of business that you are to follow the processes and there are so many resources to read, including the training videos about the business itself.

As a business owner, you have to understand everything, including your rights and your obligations. Client service is one of the important things that business owners should practice. A good and excellent client service will help the business grow. Emotional attachment of the owner to the client is the thing that business owner build to his clients. The more it exists, the more they would believe that you are trustworthy and honest in doing business with them. Maintain a respectful manner to your customers even sometimes they are sounding rude is one of the beautiful traits the business owners should have. Since you are involving in trading of goods and services, you need people to help you out in running your business. As owners, you must manage your business or hire someone that will do this for you. Administering people is the human resource component of the business. Managing the finances, from income to expenses is the financial component. The functional area of every business are local, manufacturing, marketing, accounting and the human resource which completes the five departments that would help the business grow.

Business law firms have the knowledge to continue enhancing client’s commercial success. Providing a sounding legal advices in both litigation and the alternative dispute resolution concerning about the success of the business, it will aid the business to be aware of the laws pointing to business handling and helping business owners to focus on the sustainability of its own business and helping them to handle its legal concerns. Giving their client with clear and concise understanding of every process, including the different kind of options will help their client to make a sound decision for their business. If you happen to live in Sydney Australia and you want to see the different law firms that may help you in your commercial and legal cases, you may search business law firm North Sydney. They will give you the details of their specialization, law firm address and their contact number that you may reach anytime.

As soon as you have your business built and organized, you must consult a legal practitioner who has commercial law specialization to cater your legal problems including your documentations. It is a cost effective action than leading to any penalties and facing cases later on. Handling documentations from financial to your human resource could help you to focus on running your business and let them do the legal matters for you.